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Product quality control


The quality of fabrics is controlled at all stages of production, beginning with the manufacture of yarns and ending with final processing. Criteria on which the control system is built, corresponds to generally accepted standards (ISO 105 X12-2001, ISO 6330-2000, etc.).

Textile quality inspection system consists of three stages:

- The first stage involves testing fabrics during the production process: examination of raw fabric, control dyeing technology, quality control of material processing.

- At the second stage, finished products are examined. According to the ten-point system of evaluation, each defect, depending on its location (warp of filling) is assigned a certain number of points. After that, the total amount of points per roll is determined, as well as its conformity to ISO standards.

- At the third stage, fabric samples are tested in the laboratory. Here fabrics are tested for colour fastness, shrinkage, resistance to abrasion, tear resistance, matching of color and impregnation to the stated parameters.