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Jacketing fabrics

Fabrics for jackets and coats are represented in our catalogue with rich colour scheme, density ranges and textures. Jacketing fabrics are used as fabrics for the right side in tailoring winter wear, down-padded coats, wind jackets, raincoats, rainwear, as well as frameless furniture and various accessories. The Baltic Textile offers a wide range of high quality printed jacketing fabrics ex warehouse in Moscow. Fabrics for jackets have special impregnations - PU (polyurethane), PA (polyacryl), Milky (providing the opacity of light fabrics), protecting a human from moisture, strong winds and low temperatures. In the catalogue, you can find such popular fabrics as: DEWSPO, JORNADAN, TASLAN, PRINCE, FILE, PRONTO. Materials are not crumpled, are easily cleaned and for long retain their original appearance.


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As you can see, this kind of fabrics is ideal for people of all ages and are well combined with other clothing that will allow creating your unique and trendy style that will please the eye of surrounding people from year to year. Buying wholesale jacketing fabrics is very easy! To do this, you only need to login to the web-site and choose something that will perfectly fit you. It is worth noting the adequate price which exists for the fabrics presented in our store. Undoubtedly, jacketing fabrics that you can buy in our store will be the most suitable solution for you. This is due to the fact that by using it, you can create for yourself your own collection of outerwear that will not only suit you but also will be perfect for you by all criteria, and most importantly - will be quite comfortable and convenient.

It’s not worth to question about quality of these fabrics, because the entire production process is organized with the maximum degree of quality control. It just goes to prove you the fact that such purchase is worth to be made. Buying fabric for jackets in our store, you get perfect quality solution at the most adequate price. This will also give you the additional advantages consisting in not only saving your money, but also time that is so precious in the recent times.

Our specialists pay particular attention to the quality of fabrics, multistage control of the manufacturing process prevents the likelihood of defects in material. Sales managers will always help you to make choices of fabrics required for your production. Using jacketing fabrics from the Company Baltic Textile, you will be able to create a unique and high-quality winter wear for the whole family.