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Reflective tapes

The products presented in this section – reflective tapes – refer to high-visibility materials. It is designed to attract attention to people and objects, aiming to create safe environment in complex situations involving poor visibility. Reflective tapes are used to trim special-purpose clothes, working jackets, trousers, suits for workers of road-building services. Reflective tapes are bought at wholesale by organizations dealing with tailoring uniforms for road patrol service and high-visibility vests for motorists.

Price for reflective tapes allows classifying them as budgetary options to ensure safety, while the quality remains high. We offer to buy wholesale reflective tapes of the most popular silver-grey colour, as well as of some other colours. The product range of the Company “Baltic Textile” includes reflective tapes of different densities and widths, which allows choosing the optimal option of reflective trimming for any design and size. We also offer piping 1-3 mm width with reflective component coating, which is advisable to use for trimming of sportswear and uniforms, bags, tourist backpacks and other outfit.


Reflective tapes
Fabrics Density Fabric content
Reflective tape, CRN2801/50   35% cotton 65% polyester
Reflective tape, СRN2800/25   35% cotton 65% polyester
Light reflecing tape TS R250/50   35% cotton 65% polyester
Light reflecing tape ТS RS250/25   35% cotton 65% polyester
Light reflecing tape polyester 50mm   100% полиэстер
Light reflecing tape polyester 25mm   100% полиэстер
Reflective piping   100% polyester
Reflective tape 5 sm, blended   65% polyester 35% cotton 



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