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High-reflective fabrics for special-purpose clothes

In this section of catalogue of the Company Baltic Textile you will find a wide range of high-reflective fabrics designed for production of high-visibility clothes. Materials are presented by polyester and cotton-containing fabrics. Light falling on the fabric surface is reflected in the reverse direction – it contributes to significant increase in safety. All presented materials have standardized light reflection values. High-reflective fabrics find application in manufacture and trimming of sportswear and working clothes, high-visibility clothes. Special-purpose clothes with enhanced visibility properties is used in almost all industries. High-reflective fabrics of the Company “Baltic Textile” have a certificate for enhanced visibility properties according to GOST 12.4.219-99, EN 471. In the catalogue there are reflective fabrics based on popular fabrics Oxford, Temp, Baltex, as well as the novelty of the season – reflective knitted nets and knitted fabrics.


High-reflective fabrics for special-purpose clothes
Fabrics Density Fabric content
Fabric Oxford 210 PU 1000 luminous 100 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester
Fabric Oxford 240D PU 1000 luminous 135 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester
Fabric Signal 155 high-visible 155 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester
Fabric Baltex 260 fluorescent 260 (g/sq.m) 49% cotton 51% polyester
Fabric Baltex 215 fluorescent 220 (g/sq.m) 20% cotton 80% polyester
Fabric East 225 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester
Temp 1 fluorescent 210 (g/sq.m) 32% cotton 68% polyester
Fabric Oxford 210 PU luminous 90 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester
Temp 1 fluorescent Light 190 (g/sq.m) 80% cotton 80% polyester
Fabric Marc (ТС245) fluorescent 245 (g/sq.m) 32% cotton 68% polyester
Knitted cloth VEST-120 120 (g/sq.m) 100% polyester



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