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High-reflective fabrics are used in the manufacture of special garments with special requirements for increased visibility. The Company Baltic Textile offers the wide range of high-reflective fabrics: OXFORD, TEMP, Signal, BALTEX, reflective tapes and finishing grips. High-reflective fabrics for working clothes have high-visibility coating in the form of tiny particles of glass. When getting onto the surface of fabric, headlight beams reflect in the opposite direction.


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The major clothes variations with using high-reflective materials are high-visibility vest and high-visibility suit. At daylight time, these clothes are well visible through the use of fluorescent fabric, and in the darkness, these threads glow with the phosphorescent light. Novelties of the catalog are fire-resisting reflective tapes, produced by our Chinese partner. If you purchase fluorescent fabrics by wholesale in our company, you can considerably save through discount prices.

Examples of the product application: 


Due to this, cloth reflects light of lamps, headlights, and clothes with their application is called signaling and is required in the darkness hours, in the rain and fog. First of all, special clothing with reflective effect is provided to workers of repair, road services, ambulance, road police officers, that is, all risk-related services during poor visibility. Such fabrics give the opportunity to see a person at a distance of 200 m, that allows the driver of the vehicle pressing the brake in time.

Use of high-reflective fabrics and items is very important for the safety of pedestrians on the road, because Road Patrol Service of Russia strongly recommends to use high-reflective elements in the clothes of schoolchildren, as it can directly affect their lives. In the darkness hours a driver just cannot see a child on the road, and then tragedy is unavoidable. But often such fabrics do not go on sale in stores or are sold extremely rarely. So the only solution remains an online store. High-reflective fabrics are much cheaper than at retail, so this variation is ideal for the production of large quantities of special-purpose clothes.

State standards of Russia also impose certain requirements to the basic colour background of the garment, which should be red, yellow or orange. The quality of the materials used is also of great importance, high wear resistance and high strength requirement are imposed to them. This will greatly extend the operational lifetime of the signal clothing. The hygienic safety of high-reflective fabrics is equally important, because they do not contain phosphorus, and therefore are completely safe for health.

2 variations of colors are available: lemon and orange. High-reflective materials are used in the manufacture of special-purpose clothes, workwear for road service, vests, belts, backpacks, children's car seats and children`s wear. In the catalogue there are fabrics based on polyester, blended and cotton materials with various types of weaving, width ranges and coefficient of light reflexion.