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Garment accessories

Garment accessories: Sewing threads are classified depending on the way of application: for sewing on a household sewing machine, by hand or on specialized production equipment, in saddlery and shoe production. They are used to sew together parts of footwear, clothes. The appearance of different threads differ. They may be glossy shiny or matte, soft or smooth, of various colours. Thickness determines the choice of thread – the type necessary for you is determined by the trading number which is printed on the label. Threads are manufactured in plastic and paper-wrapped coils or reels, and have different length.


Zippers, sliders, clasps Sewing threads Snaps, buttons, hooks
Tape weaving products Metal-plastic garment accessories Cuffs. Finishing materials


At current, strong, synthetic (polyester) sewing threads 45LL or 45LA are available. These are threads with a flat, smooth surface for the entire length, with uniform whirling intended for joining together the main stitches of fabrics with coating, medium and heavy fabrics, thick knitted fabrics and thin skin. Polyester threads are more elastic than garment accessories made of non-synthetic materials. Many modern fabrics are stretched, while flimsy threads will be torn, and not elastic enough will deform the product, in this case, you cannot do without such a material as Strong threads. The colour scheme of synthetic thread is very wide - 200-600 shades for threads with standard product numbers.

Clasps-zippers are also a wide nomenclature item of wholesale garment accessories, they are multi-purpose and are used in the fabrication of almost any clothing: from outwear to children’s wear. It is very important that every constituent element to be the highest quality and long-term one, the slider to be easily moved out, and the teeth to withstand even rough handling and jerking during operation.

We offer split and one-piece zippers, reinforced with the line that makes them much more strong. High-quality cloth tape ensures reliable joining with fabric, width and length of the zipper can be matched to the size and type of clothing. The range includes both short zipper and roll variations. Also, we are able to offer “Tractor” zippers for clothes made of dense fabric.

Tape weaving products give the ability to process accurately the edges of fabric, strengthen the stitches, or create an invisible, but secure clasp. This list also includes a tape for gluing stitches, that simplifies work with fabric and makes joints of fabric waterproof, and hook tape is ideal for creating loops on the clothes. The tape is thin and strong, making easy to use and easily withstand heavy weight.

Outer garments can be completed with artificial fur, that is also a part of garment accessories which you can buy on our web-site, artificial fur which not only makes the garment more warm and comfortable, but also significantly improves the appearance of the finished product. These finishing materials are easy to clean, wear-resistant and do not require special storage conditions. We offer several variations artificial fur: imitation of sheepskin, white, grey and brown coloured, as well as “tsigay”, which is perfect not only for collars and hats, but also can be used as a lining.

Cuffs and garment accessories are most commonly used in sewing outwear and sportswear. However, for making things, backpacks and handbags high quality fastex clasps, stop plates and tips for braids or cord. High-quality textile cuff reduces heat loss, prevents ingress of moisture into the clothes. Another necessary element - ring eyelets, they allow making the lace robust and strong and avoiding damage to the fabric. For factories and shops, we have a wide range of strong tag and label holders.