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“Premium” fabrics for protective garments and working clothes

“Baltex” series fabrics (Baltex 1 and Baltex 2, Baltex 215 and Baltex 260) are modern and high-quality materials, which are advisable to buy for tailoring branded uniforms, special-purpose, corporate clothes, as well as clothes for employees of trade enterprises and service companies. Distinctive features of all “Baltex” fabrics are the optimum ratio of cotton and polyester and final finishing, which all together provide high strength properties. 

“Premium” series, as well as blended fabrics "Rescuer", "Landing Force" and "Prestige" have a low specific surface electrical resistance, excellent values for shrinkage. The material also has high colour fastness, soiling resistance, is not deformed and does not lose its properties at high humidity and in the conditions of use at extreme temperatures. Bringing out cotton onto the wrong side of cloth ensures good hygienic properties of the material, and bringing out polyester yarn on onto the right side and its reinforcement facilitates strength. Prices for “Baltex” fabrics by the ratio of high quality are optimal, that gives our customers the opportunity to buy “Baltex” fabrics at wholesale on favorable terms.

Topper fabrics are used when tailoring clothes for rent, are characterized by high rates of rupture load, wear resistance, shrinkage rate of about 1% after 5 washes. Garment manufacturing, that includes Topper fabrics in its product range, can guarantee for its customers the extended lifetime of the special-purpose clothes.


“Premium” fabrics
Fabrics Density Density
Fabric Baltex 1 210 (g/sq.m) 35% cotton 65% polyester
Fabric Baltex 2 235 (g/sq.m) 20% cotton 80% polyester
Fabric Baltex 215 220 (g/sq.m) 20% cotton 80% polyester
Fabric Baltex 260 260 (g/sq.m) 49% cotton 51% polyester
Fabric Rescuer RS 220 (g/sq.m) 35% cotton 65% polyester
Fabric Prestige 250 (g/sq.m) 80% cotton 20% polyester
Fabric Parity 260 (g/sq.m) 20% cotton 80% polyester
Fabric Topper 245 (g/sq.m) 35% cotton 65% polyester
Fabric BT Static 210 (g/sq.m) 35% cotton 65% polyester



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