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Cotton fabrics: Calico, two-thread, diagonal, twill, tent

This section presents the range of PVC fabrics and cotton fabrics for a wide variety of applications. The Company “Baltic Textile” recommends to use them for production of various types of textile products ranging from linen to components of workwear and clothes for technical purposes. Calico fabric at wholesale is purchased for manufacture of linen. Due to high hygienic characteristics, it has found its use in tailoring hoover aprons and dressing gowns, as well as lining fabric in production of working and special-purpose clothes. We would like to draw the attention of our customers that when ordering calico, dyeing in any color according to your sample is possible.

The range also includes other popular fabrics made by Russian manufacturers available from our warehouse: two-thread, diagonal, twill, tent, waffle cloth, kersey. Twill fabric is suitable for production of special-purpose, working clothes and uniforms. Hygroscopicity, high density combined with the ease and low shrinkage makes it in-demand in service industry. Mousseline, possessing uprated dust-proofing properties, is used for manufacture of industrial work clothes. Diagonal fabric has found its application for tailoring work clothes, tourist equipment, military uniforms, as well as is in high demand in the footwear industry. Two-thread fabric is huckaback cotton cloth, being indispensable for coarse gloves and mittens, as well as textiles required for work with high temperatures.


Cotton fabrics: Calico, two-thread, diagonal, twill, tent
Fabrics Density Fabric content
Fabric Prestige 250 (g/sq.m) 80% cotton 20% polyester
Fabric Twill 230, water-proof 230 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Twill 240, water-proof 240 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Twill 160 ВО 160 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Awning 260 260 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Awning 230 230 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Calico 125 125 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Calico 145 145 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Two-thread 200 200 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Two-thread 230 230 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Two-thread 250 250 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Two-thread PVC 230 (g/sq.m) 40%polyester 60%cotton
Fabric Mousseline 210 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Diagonal 195 KMF 195 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Diagonal 235 KMF 235 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Diagonal 195 195 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Diagonal 235 235 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Calico PVC 220 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton
Fabric Calico 115 115 (g/sq.m) 100% cotton



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