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Fabric Warehouse

The Company ”Baltic Textile” has a spacious warehouse for storage and shipment of products, equipped with modern structures and equipment. Large area allows us providing customers the wide range of various materials, and qualified personnel carefully monitors rotation of goods and their quality.

Склад ткани в Москве База тканей

Special features of textile storage

Wholesale fabric warehouse maintain product quality throughout the storage period. Experienced specialists monitor humidity level (50-70%), as well as maintain optimal temperature in the rooms (10-30 degrees). Products is stored in the individual polyethylene package, placed on ventilated shelves. The personnel regularly carry out activities for preventive processing of premises with pesticides (against moth, mites, etc.).


Fabrics for protective garments Camouflage fabrics
Fabrics for jackets and coats High-visibility fabrics
Applied materials Garment accessories

System of personnel training and adaptation allows getting in a short time qualified personnel in all areas of warehouse and logistics operations. We are aware that the wholesale fabric warehouse is a modern high-tech complex, providing largely competitive advantages of our company. This approach allows: 


  • ensuring continuous availability of much-in-demand products;
  • replenishing systematically the stock of textile products on the basis of demand;
  • controlling strictly conditions of storage, shipment, forming accurately supply orders of clients.

Modern wholesale fabric warehouse operates using modern computer equipment and software. Maintaining product catalog allows reducing in several times the waiting period for compilation and issuance of an order. Computerization, mechanization of warehouse processes gives the ability to strictly control the quality, and also eliminates the risk of errors in shipment. Optimization is carried out through the use of new technologies for operations management (cross-docking, time management, clear regulation of the business processes of transport and warehouse logistics).

Шоурум ткани оптом со склада

Efficiency, professionalism, accuracy!
Our fabric warehouse in Moscow is most closely connected with the sales department. Exploiting opportunities of the Internet, mobile communication, as well as the work of a well-functioning courier delivery service allows receiving and transmitting information to our clients. Our customers are fully protected from the risk of paying for the goods being not available.

Delivery of purchased fabrics is also available for our customers into all regions of our country. On the territory of Moscow, customers use the mentioned service for free. Shipment is made to the address specified by the client, within the strictly determined dates. We guarantee the timely transfer of goods to authorized representatives of the buyer.