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Camouflage fabric

In our catalogue, there are camouflage fabrics with different types of prints, density and production methods. Camouflage is demanded in the manufacture of uniforms for security agencies, military departments and other defense and low enforcement agencies. Membrane-based camouflage fabrics are applied when producing inventory for tourists, active and extreme recreation enthusiasts, hunters and fishermen.


Camouflage fabrics Membrane camouflage fabrics


In the product range of the Company Baltic Textile you can find fabrics in traditional colors and materials bearing surface print: NATO, wood, figure. In this section, you can find cotton and blended fabrics; contrary to the popular belief, blended and synthetic fabrics are almost no worse than natural cotton materials. Blended fabric, through the presence of cotton thread allows the skin breathing, while protecting against humidity and strong winds. Products made of camouflage fabrics do not rustle and sustain low temperatures while preserving the aesthetic appearance on long-term use.

Examples of the product application:


The word "camouflage" has French roots, the word camouflage from this language is translated as "putting on a mask" and it is used to refer to spotty camouflage coloring, which is required to reduce visibility of people, weapons, equipment, etc. The idea itself is taken from nature, camouflage combines elements of protective color of birds, animals, insects. Camouflage fabrics for military uniforms for the first time started to be actively used in the British and American armies. Camouflage fashion began to spread in the 80s and 90s of the past century, are in the 90s this fabric tightly got a foothold on the podium.

In the catalogue of our store you will find camouflage fabrics, having various density and produced by different weaving methods, with the most diverse types of prints. Wholesale camouflage fabrics are purchased for manufacturing uniforms for security agencies, military departments and other defense and law enforcement agencies. Camouflage fabrics can be used in the manufacture of inventory for tourists and other enthusiasts of active recreation outdoors – fishermen, hunters, and not only.

Our comprehensive range includes both fabrics in traditional colours and materials bearing surface prints. You can order from us both synthetic and blended camouflage fabrics Temp 210 KMF, Form 150KMF, Meteor KMF, Luxe 110KMF). Don't hesitate to choose the second variation; the stereotyped vision that blended fabric is inferior in quality, is erroneous. This type of cloth is hard-wearing and easy to use -human skin is reliably protected from strong wind and moisture, while this provides maximum body ventilation. Our camouflage fabrics are resistant to strong frosts, do not rustle and for very long retain the aesthetically pleasing look.