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Applied materials

The Company Baltic Textile offers the wide range of applied materials: backing wire, fabrics for awnings and tent, mosquito and knitted nets, fabrics for printing.

Lining fabrics are represented by Taffeta fabric, or polyester silk, - that is the fabric made of chemical fiber (polyester) of certain texture. Very wear-resistant, hardwearing, crease-resistant material with excellent strength characteristics has hypo-allergenic and air-exchanging properties. In addition to these properties, this fabric little exposed to stretching, shrinkage and deformation at ingress of moisture and dries quickly. The scope of application of such materials is quite diverse. Taffeta is widely used in the textile and leather industry, in the manufacture of flags and banners, as well as decorating items – portieres, curtains, drapes, protective covers for furniture or musical instruments. A significant advantage is the ease of also staining material.

Lining fabrics Mosquito, knitted nets Fabrics for printing
PVC fabrics, fabrics for tents and bags Fabric interlayers Thermal fabrics

Knitted nets and backing wire fabrics have various density and weaving type. These characteristics of the material are determined by its purpose and scope of application; net is used when tailoring backpacks, handbags, sportswear, t-shirts, skirts and trousers. The material is well stretched and is restored in the process of deformation of the product. Mosquito nets are essential in the manufacture of costumes of hunters and fishermen, awning covers, tents - for protection from small insects. Wholesale mosquito net is presented in our catalogue in the range. Due to their environmental compatibility and safety, nets can be used for flaps and testers for baby cots or go-carts. A significant advantage in this case becomes a material's breathability and permeability, slightly peeling it. Wholesale knitted nets, used for sportswear and clothes for tourists, are easy to care for and require no ironing, help clothes not to lose their appearance.

Printed fabrics have excellent strength properties and do not fade with time, perfectly suit as a material for decoration of theatrical scenery and corporate parties. In addition, the use of fabrics for advertising or design of stores and shopping cents during the holidays or holding promotions is popular and in demand. The above properties are important for such applications. Resistance to moisture, wind and temperature drop allows outdoor advertising and design elements preserving their appearance and functionality for long - the ability to attract the attention of customers and visitors.

Fabrics for tents and bags are presented materials by Oxford and Taffeta. Both types of fabrics are dense net-line weave, treated with plastifying polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Due to the use of threads of different thickness and strength, the fabric can be used in different fields. For example, in the manufacture of umbrellas, tents, awnings, shelters, car protective covers, backpacks, bags and other tourist inventory. PVC fabric for tents have rich colour scheme, providing broad choice. Contact our managers to get to know current prices for applied materials and to get explanations how tent fabrics are supplied at wholesale.